Shopify Custom Themes

When existing themes won't do, let's build something great.

Can You Handlebar’s custom Shopify theme redefined what is possible with content management & marketing on Shopify.

Sometimes an off-the-shelf theme just can't do your brand justice.

Fortunately, Shopify offers nearly unlimited flexibility for creating a custom website that matches your brand vision.

As one of the highest-reviewed Shopify experts in the world, we can build entirely custom solutions for today’s largest ecommerce brands. We've built custom websites for Verizon, the NFL, and Hilton Hotels– and we can help you achieve your vision too.

We can handle everything you need to create a completely custom site from the ground up, from planning, to design, development, and everyday management.

Let's walk through an example together...

“The pinnacle of business ownership is when your company becomes inevitable. If you are looking to improve your Shopify website, Ethercycle is inevitable.

  There isn’t anyone that’s even on the same plane. There may be other really talented people, but they haven’t focused enough on what they do to become inevitable. If you're genuinely trying to improve your website, and it’s a Shopify website, you may or may not be able to hire Ethercycle, but you certainly considered it.”

—Doug Geiger, Founder

If you'd get excited about similar results...


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