Facebook Sales Funnel

Automatically segment & target customers on Facebook

The largest misconception I hear from business owners is that “Facebook Ads don’t work”

The largest misconception I hear from business owners is that, “Facebook Ads don’t work”. This single statement is almost always uttered to me with complete conviction and, without consciously being aware of it, puts most small business owners at a massive disadvantage in todays world.

Facebook has brilliantly cataloged the interest, demographics and behaviors of 1.4 billion people and growing.

The exciting reality is this: business owners have never been afforded the opportunity to take complete control of who gets to see their ads and products based on these key data points age, gender, location, interests, etc. Unlike TV, radio or print- Facebook ads are an incredibly affordable way to grow your business. You just have to do it the right way.

Before hiring Ethercycle, I knew I wanted to get Facebook Ads set up in a manner that started generating revenue as soon as possible without spinning our wheels. Once Kurt and the Ethercycle team got to work, their efforts began to payoff within the first 45 days. After 60 days, the results were phenomenal. They allowed us to focus on running the business while they got customers in the door through effective Facebook Ad funnels.

—Bryan Kelly, PrairieMod

The art of Facebook advertising boils down to three key things: where it’s placed, how it looks and who it reaches. If you don’t get these three things right, the rest doesn’t matter. As a busy store owner, learning to use Facebook Ads to effectively generate sales can be a time consuming endeavor, especially when running your Ecommerce store takes up so much time already. We can get a PPC campaign successfully launched and tailored to your Shopify store.

A Sales Funnel That Works

We'll setup a sales funnel using Facebook that segments and targets customers through their relationship with your brand. Here's an example:

  1. We'll bring in new customers by generating a Lookalike audience based on your past customers. We'll show them carousel ads with reviews of your top-rated, top-selling products to attract first-time visitors with specific items.
  2. Once someone has clicked through to your site, seal the deal by re-targeting them with ads containing site reviews.
  3. If they add to cart but don't buy, we'll target them separately, with an ad linking directly to your cart, and potentially offering a discount code to push them over the edge.
  4. When do purchase, we don't stop there. We'll segment past purchasers and offer them upsell or cross-sell items like accessories for 30 days.

After our first month together, we'll review the results together, and look for opportunities to scale your ads effectively. You'll then have the option to retain us on a monthly basis to entirely manage and optimize your ads for you.

Screenshot of a Shopify Plus client's Facebook ad campaign results

To be most effective, you should budget a minimum of $1,000 for your ads. (Anything less than that, and results are going to come pretty slowly.) We'll require a one-time setup fee of $4,995 to get your account setup correctly and the groundwork laid to grow your store.

If you'd get excited about building an evergreen Facebook sales funnel for your store...


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