Email is one of the best ways to bring in new customers and keep them coming back.

But email is also a time-consuming pain in the butt to continually create. So what if we could automate to send the right message to the right customer at the right time instead?

"To date, there are nearly 11 times more companies with marketing automation today than there were in early 2011." SOURCE: THE DRUM

We can help you drive sales by using data from Shopify to send automated abandoned cart emails, create personalized product feeds, deliver post-purchase engagement campaigns, run better Facebook ads and more. It's data-driven marketing, made simple.

“Out of over 3000 businesses surveyed, 74% of respondents said they were planning on spending more money on email in 2017.” Source: Practical ecommerce

Impressions, clicks, and opens only tell part of the story. Our email marketing funnels offer reporting based on actual Shopify transactions. Our clients typically see an additional 10-20% revenue growth just from our email automation.

By sending emails automatically triggered based on what customers do or don’t buy, or when they do or don’t return, you’ll ensure that each customer gets the right message at the right time.

“I used to worry that I wasn't taking advantage of the email flow functionality Klaviyo offers. Then I hired Kurt at Ethercycle to clean up my flows and make them smarter! Quick, easy to worth with, and effective at getting results, Kurt cuts right to the heart of what's most effective. I'd recommend Ethercycle because if you're not smart about your email list, you shouldn't be in eCommerce.” Leo Tropeano, Mugsy Jeans

We'll setup several potential automated emails that customers can receive now...

  1. Cart Reminder: People who abandon cart will receive two emails if they don't purchase, one after 4 hours, and 48 hours.
  2. New Customer Thank You: We send a short personalized thank you to customers who just bought from you for the first time to boost engagement and trust.
  3. Repeat Buyer Thank You: We reach out to the loyal customers who have bought from you a second time, boosting engagement and trust. This helps to turn repeat buyers into evangelists for your brand.
  4. Win-backs: Bringing back lost customers, we send two promo emails with suggested items to anyone who hasn't made a purchase in 75 and 150 days.
  5. Cross-sell: We'll review past purchases data to see what products people are likely to buy together or purchase as repeats customers. So if they buy one, we'll auto email them a week later about buying the other one and vice versa.

To enable this marketing automation, you'll need a Klaviyo account, and our one-time setup fee.

(Don't have a Klaviyo account? Get one free at klaviyo.com).

If you'd get excited about building an evergreen email sales funnel that runs on autopilot for your store...


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