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Take full advantage of Shopify's advanced SEO features to help drive your online store's sales.

One of the wonderful things about Shopify is their built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features which ensure that your store gets a lot of traffic (and subsequently sales) from Google, Bing, and Yahoo— if you set it up correctly.

If you take a peek under the hood, you'll see Shopify's SEO-friendly CMS allows all of the best practices. It also automatically generates sitemaps so new products and site changes show up on search engines quickly. But if you're not an SEO wizard or an engineer at Google, how are you supposed to know if you've dialed those settings in correctly? And often times, that's just the beginning of what needs to be done.

We can diagnose why you aren’t ranking up there with or above your competitors. Then we can provide you strategies to help you grow your traffic and sales.

“I was looking for clarity on my website's current-state SEO efforts, and looking for a glimpse into what was working, what was not working, and what could be optimized and improved. The hitch was time and accuracy of information. Ethercycle is the most professional organization I've had the pleasure of working with in the Shopify space. We received an amazing SEO audit, that brought to light the areas that were working well, and the areas for improvement.” Derek Schloss, Cowbucker

What you get:

Our SEO service is not for you if you’re looking for fancy tools, dashboards, or automated SEO audits. All of our SEO audits are written in a way that could never be replicated by an automated SEO tool. However, we do use the best and latest SEO tools, so our strategies remain relevant.

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