Shopify Premium Theme Setup

We’ll help setup your theme without the hassle.

Have a premium theme you love but don’t have the time or inclination to set it up?
Knowing how to set up a theme for optimum conversion rate is something that most store owners simply don’t have experience to do.

It is easy to have a utilitarian website or a beautiful site, but a combination of the both, is difficult to achieve. Ethercycle’s laser focus on building sites that are both visually appealing website and functional generated a site for us that gets sales.

—Peter Netzel, Kevin Techstyles

The hardest part of setting up any Shopify store for success is theme setup. Your theme is the final step in your sales funnel; it determines whether or not visitors will be comfortable enough to hand their credit card details over to a relative stranger on the internet so it better be professional to instill confidence.

Even though Shopify themes make website design more accessible than ever, it's still tough to take a theme from good enough to great if you’re not a web designer, a UX expert, or otherwise have a decade of ecommerce experience under your belt.

You probably spend a lot of time on the web. We all do. I’m sure you’ve seen stores that have made you think to yourself, “I wish my store looked like that.” Why can't it? Why not you? The only difference between your store and the one you love is that they hired a seasoned professional to setup their theme.

We’ve helped hundreds of Shopify merchants scale their stores. You can leverage that experience in your store by having our team set up your theme.

After a discovery call, we’ll install and configure a theme of your choice from the Shopify Theme Store and then bring that theme to life with your branding, logo, colors, typography and a layout approach that suits your store, your brand, your products and your audience.

Depending on the theme, we’ll also create homepage banners, featured images, etc.

Finally we’ll review your store against our own best practices to ensure it's optimized for conversions.

Included at no additional charge is two rounds of ten revisions. You are welcome to make design suggestions, but since you hired Ethercycle as the ecommerce experts, it’s probably a waste of your time for you to even worry about it.

Here are a few select examples of our premium theme setups:

  1. Kelvin Techstyles
  2. MetCon
  3. Tactical Baby Gear

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