The Home T

+74% increase in total sales
+19% increase in conversion rate
+15% increase in average order value
The Home T-shirt is a stylish way to show your state pride while helping raise money for MS research. On an episode of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban was one of the few people who didn’t think this entrepreneur was crazy for not dipping into the Sharks’ deep pockets.

“A quick thanks.

We launched a new theme a couple months ago. After giving it a spin for a while, we realized some added modifications were necessary.

While he wasn’t the original dev, Kurt Elster and his crew jumped in quickly to help where needed. We’re in a pretty solid spot at the moment and wouldn’t have been there had they not been involved.

So, thanks, Kurt.”

—Ryan Shell, Founder

Our Work Together

Ethercycle has helped The Home T with:

  1. UX Audit & Strategy
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization
  3. Theme Customization
  4. Ongoing Support

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