+17.2% revenue
+18.6% organic traffic
+25.2% average order value
ROKBLOKZ started with a passion for small, fast cars. Back in 2011 this Orem based family-owned company set out to provide their customers with the highest quality rally mud flaps at the best price possible.

“As our existing outdated website starting giving us issues, we looked to Shopify to further grow our business. Rather than learning a new website platform ourselves, we turned to Ethercycle to re-platform the site while we focused our time & energy in other areas.

  Kurt and his team were easy to work with and very responsive to our questions and concerns. I would recommend Ethercycle to anyone looking to get up and going on Shopify. They have processes in place to make things go quickly and smoothly.”

—Dustin Bess, VP of Sales & Marketing

Our Work Together

As they grew, the RokBlokz team knew their old ecommerce platform was hampering their growth. Having chosen Shopify as the platform to scale their company, they tapped Ethercycle to supercharge their growth by:

  1. Migrating their product catalog & content to Shopify
  2. Improving customer shopping experience
  3. Developing customized product layout
  4. Designing a site that promotes discoverability
  5. Implementing cross-sell offers
  6. Providing ongoing support & maintenance

This is catnip for car enthusiasts.


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