Zero Foxtrot

+118% increase in online store sales
+68% increase in conversion rate
+35% increase in repeat customer rate
Zero Foxtrot is a U.S. Marine Veteran owned and operated business. Their products “reflect the mindset engraved in our souls through our experiences on the battlefield.”

“As my store grew, I knew we had had issues that needed to be fixed in order to go to the next level, and we wanted someone with the right expertise to get it done.

  The Ethercycle team identified potential issues, provided great solutions, and implemented them flawlessly. Because of that work, our revenue, conversions, and overall user flow is better than ever.

  With Plus’ features and Ethercycle’s execution, we were able to increase our Black Friday Cyber Monday sales by 118% over the the previous year using Shopify Scripts and Launchpad.”

—G. Filippone, Founder/Owner

Our Work Together

Since first joining forces in 2017, Ethercycle has helped Zero Foxtrot:

  1. Dramatically reduce site load times
  2. Optimize conversion rate
  3. Achieve their best Black Friday ever using Shopify Scripts
  4. Customize & maintain their theme
  5. Develop new strategies for continuing growth

Zero Foxtrot’s biggest issue: keeping product in stock!


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