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Ethercycle is an ecommerce consultancy helping Shopify stores grow their revenue.
Unlike other Shopify Experts, Ethercycle is solely concerned with delivering the highest possible ROI.

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We've been the web design & development partner for start-ups, major agencies, and Fortune 500 businesses.
Since 2014, our three man team has worked exclusively with Shopify stores.

Everest Bands Shopify screenshot
Everest Bands Manufacturer of premium Rolex aftermarket accessories
Bandon Dunes Golf Shop Shopify screenshot
Bandon Dunes Golf Resort The best-rated golf resort in the US
THMotorsports website screenshot
THMotorsports Top 100 Consumer Products Company on the Inc. 5000
FightFOMOF website screenshot
#FightFOMOF Social media contest for NFL Mobile from Verizon

A Letter from Kurt Elster

Let's Turn Your Shopify Store into a Revenue Producing Machine

Looking for someone to help you with your Shopify store? Let's be honest: aren't you really looking for someone to help you make more money online with your premium brand?

Don't worry, it's OK to think about it that way. You may say you're looking for help with your website design, but that's just a pathway to your actual final goal: more money. That's where we think most designers and business owners get it wrong- they make their decisions based on what looks cool instead of on what increases their revenues. Unfortunately, pretty won't necessarily grow your business or improve your bottom line.

Ask yourself: What would you do with 10%, 20% or even 50% more money than you are currently making? (Take a few seconds to daydream.)

Since 2009, our agency, Ethercycle, has put startups, online retailers, Inc5000 businesses, and businesses like yours in the strongest position to yield the best results from every visitor to their websites. Starting in 2014, we've focused our 3-man team exclusively on Shopify because it's where we achieve the best results.

In fact, we're so good at it, we helped Rolex strap manufacturer and two-time Kickstarter success story Everest Bands see triple their revenue in just nine months, helping them reach their first million dollars in annual sales.

Maybe that's why their owner, Michael DiMartini said, "With the increase in traffic and better conversion our online sales have tripled since meeting Kurt and the guys at Ethercycle. Do not waste your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase."

If you're doubtful, you can read dozens of positive testimonials from happy Shopify store owners on our Shopify Experts page. It'll give you a range of businesses and examples that we've worked with. And if you're still not convinced that we're the best at what we do, I want you to ask any one of them about me.

Would you get excited about similar results? It's okay to say no. We're not for everybody. But if you do see a fit, message me, and we'll setup a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your project.



Kurt Elster, MBA
Managing Partner @Ethercycle
Co-Host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

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What our clients are saying

Excellent work from the guys at Ethercycle. Kurt was a pleasure to work with and dealt with all of my issues promptly and had me up and running with the tweaks I needed done within 10 days of our initial meeting! Don't look to anyone else...these guys are great!
Nick Venson, tourstockputters.com
Kurt was awesome! He had my new design / site up and running in less than 1 week! He's a true expert at what he does. I STRONGLY recommend contacting Kurt to get a quote. Before you spend thousands of dollars you need to talk to Kurt at Ethercycle first.
Shawn Fultz, superbikefairings.com
Kurt, Paul & their team designed my website after going to 3 different web design firms. They not only covered all the basis that the other firms charged me triple for my results exceeded 10X'S what the other firms were able to do combined! With regards to sales, marketing, generating leads, etc... Would highly recommend Ethercycle!
Neil Isaacs, faucetgalaxy.com
The staff at Ethercycle has been excellent to work with. After Kurt and his team organized a very large list of items, they quickly went to work on fixing those issues and many more. They were affordable, great to work with and quite frankly nice. They didn't talk down to me or talk over me (everyone hates that). Instead they mapped a great plan for our website's success and I intend to use them to keep helping us sell more product. Thanks from Everest Horology Products!!
Michael DiMartini, everestbands.com

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