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What's Ethercycle anyway?

We're a digital agency comprised of in-house web experts, plus a network of trusted on-call digital experts for niche needs.

Our Story

In 2009, Kurt and Dave quit their jobs to co-found a bootstrapped startup called Ethercycle. While our original idea wasn't the brilliant million dollar idea we promised our families it would be, it did set us on the course to become one of Chicago's tech elite. After pivoting from our original startup venture, we've become of the few web design teams in the city of Chicago with both design skills and business acumen (and some serious opinions on what it takes to succeed online.)

We have forged affiliations with local creative agencies which have let us build damn good websites for Verizon, the NFL, and other national brands. Those relationships work both ways, and have enabled us to provide our clients with access to industry-leading marketing tools and man power. As a result, we've been able to specialize in high-end responsive websites that generate serious revenue. We're talking 24.5% conversion lift on $7.2 million in annual sales serious.

The Reason for our Success is Simple

We put our clients in the strongest position to yield the best results from every visitor to their website. To do that, we've built relationships defined by honesty and trust. Our clients know we're working for them and their users' best interests. The websites we design and develop are the product of the highest level of optimization in the business. We're not just building websites, we're building competitive advantages.

Agency Partnership

At the end of 2013, we took a hard look at our past projects, and saw that our work for creative agencies and their clients was by far our favorite (and most successful) work to date. Take a look at these representative projects and you'll see what we mean:

  1. Verizon FOMOF
  2. Crain's 40 under 40
  3. MarketingWerks

The results don't lie. We work great with creative agencies, especially mid-sized ones. Maybe it's because we speak the same language, or maybe it's because we came from mid-sized agencies ourselves, all we know is we're a great fit.

We believe all agencies have certain holes in their capabilities or manpower. The only difference is whether they continue to operate within those shortcomings or choose to do something about it. We’d like to make it easy and profitable for you to do something about it.

Step Zero

Our successful agency partners start their client projects by including us as step zero. Before starting your next project, pick up the phone, give us a call, and tell us about it. We'll walk through feasibility, timeline, and budget with you. By bringing us in as early possible, you can avoid potential pitfalls later, ensuring a successful outcome, and ultimately impressing the hell out of your clients. Get in touch.