Turn your Shopify store into a revenue generating powerhouse of persuasion

Turn your Shopify store into a revenue generating powerhouse of persuasion

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“Kurt and his team have been an excellent resource since launching our e-commerce channel in late 2016.

From a complete revamp of our site, to daily/weekly maintenance & upgrades, Ethercycle has been a pivotal piece of our planning & implementation. I'm confident they will continue to play a vital role in our success for years to come.

For anyone looking to take their Shopify store to the next level, I would certainly recommend the Ethercycle team.”

Jay Leno’s Garage Chris Walters
director of marketing
Shopify Plus brands we’ve helped scale: logo_adams.png Asutra Harney & Sons Hoonigan Jay Leno's Garage

We’ve helped Shopify merchants like…

Overlander Screenshot
Overlander fuel a successful brand launch.
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Vex re-invent their customer experience.
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KeySmart streamline purchasing with a custom theme.
Hoonigan Screenshot
Hoonigan have their best Black Friday ever.

Are you looking for help with your store?

Be honest. Aren’t you really looking to have your Shopify store make more money?

Don’t worry, it’s OK to think about it that way. You may say you’re looking for help with your website design, but that’s just a pathway to your actual final goal: more money.

That’s where we think most designers and business owners get it wrong! They make their decisions based on what looks cool instead of on what increases their revenues. Unfortunately, pretty won’t necessarily grow your business or improve your bottom line.

Ask yourself: What would you do with 10%, 20% or even 50% more money than you are currently making? (Take a few seconds to daydream.)

Since 2009, our agency, has put startups, online retailers, Inc5000 businesses, and businesses like yours in the strongest position to yield the best results from every visitor to their websites. Since 2014, we’ve focused our team exclusively on Shopify because it’s where we achieve the best results.

If you’re doubtful, you can read dozens of positive testimonials from happy Shopify store owners on our Shopify Experts listing. It’ll give you a range of businesses and examples that we’ve worked with. And if you’re still not convinced that we’re the best at what we do, I want you to ask any one of them about us.

Would you get excited about similar results? It’s okay to say no. We’re not for everybody.

We may be a good fit if...

  1. We like each other! (I only accept clients whom I like and like me.)
  2. You’re interested in honest advice to further your business.
  3. You sell your own private label products.
  4. You pay your bills promptly.
  5. Your business is or will be on Shopify.

If you do see a fit, message me below, and we’ll set up a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your project.

—Kurt Elster

Kurt Elster speaking at A Day With Shopify in Brooklyn
Kurt Elster, MBA
Founder, Ethercycle

Host, The Unofficial Shopify podcast

Kurt interviewing Shopify Founder/CEO Tobi Lütke Kurt interviewing Shopify Founder/CEO Tobi Lütke


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  • Ezra Firestone
    “These guys are amazing. Great support and great devs! They also run the best Shopify podcast: The Unofficial Shopify Podcast”

    Ezra Firestone

    BOOM! by Cindy Joseph & Smart Marketer Inc.
    Brian Hahn
    “Never in all my years of working with a consultant have I ever received so much actionable advice in so little time. It was like a massive canon of experience blasting onto our site design. Working with Kurt is simply the highest bang for your buck. Do it, your website KPI’s will thank you.”

    Brian Hahn

    COO, NOMAD Goods
    Hoonigan HQ
    “As a result of Ethercycle’s efforts, we blew away our goals for BFCM, and we’re now equipped with best practices for site optimization and audience growth. Their efforts doubled our already good conversion rate and helped us grow our mailing list by over 50%. More importantly, we have established a new partner to help continue to expand and improve throughout the year.”

    Jacques Marine

    Hoonigan Industries
    Andrew Youderian
    “Kurt knows the Shopify ecosystem intimately, including the myriad apps and developers that make up the whole ecosystem. So he understands what can serve as a great solution and what products can work well to help solve unique problems.”

    Andrew Youderian

    Overlander Project Lead & Founder of EcommerceFuel


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