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Everest Bands growth in traffic and revenue within 9-months of working with Ethercycle.
Micheal DiMartini
Michael DiMartini

Ethercycle helped lead us to almost six times our online sales in a year.

After Kurt and his team organized a colossal list of items, they quickly went to work on fixing those issues and many more. They mapped a great plan for our website's success, and I intend to keep using them to help us sell more product.“

Brands we’ve worked with:

Verizon NFL Hilton Hotels Skrilelx Bandon Dunes Bold Apps Shopify

We've helped...

Art of re-launch their store on Shopify
Bandon Dunes Screenshot build a custom theme that’s set sales records
Everst Bands Screenshot reach their first $1m in sales on Shopify Plus
Jay Leno's Garage Screenshot redesign their custom Shopify theme for maximum impact
KeySmart Screenshot launch a custom theme for a new product
Penn & Teller Screenshot
Penn & Teller sell their first ever magic kit
Skrillex Screenshot retarget fans through segmented Facebook ads
Jens Hansen Screenshot cut their load times in half
Crowdfunder Shopify App Screenshot
Crowdfunder DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding Campaigns App

Are you looking for help with your Shopify store?

Be honest. Aren't you really just looking to have your Shopify store make more money?

Kurt Elster
Kurt Elster, MBA
Ecommerce Strategist

Additionally, Kurt...

Hosts The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Authored Ecommerce Bootcamp

Kurt has spoken at...

Ecommerce 100K Summit Shopify Unite Shopify Retail Tour CSE

Don't worry, it's OK to think about it that way. You may say you're looking for help with your website design, but that's just a pathway to your actual final goal: more money.

That's where we think most designers and business owners get it wrong! They make their decisions based on what looks cool instead of on what increases their revenues. Unfortunately, pretty won't necessarily grow your business or improve your bottom line.

Ask yourself: What would you do with 10%, 20% or even 50% more money than you are currently making? (Take a few seconds to daydream.)

Since 2009, our agency, has put startups, online retailers, Inc5000 businesses, and businesses like yours in the strongest position to yield the best results from every visitor to their websites. Since 2014, we've focused our team exclusively on Shopify because it's where we achieve the best results.

In fact, we're so good at it, we helped Rolex strap manufacturer and two-time Kickstarter success story Everest Bands reach their first million dollars in annual sales.

Maybe that's why their owner, Michael DiMartini, said:

"With the increase in traffic and better conversion rate, our online sales have exploded since meeting Kurt and the guys at Ethercycle. Do not waste your time and money with others, go with Ethercycle and see your sales increase."

It's no surprise; we literally wrote the book on this stuff. It's called Ecommerce Bootcamp, a how-to guide for building a strong, durable Shopify store. Based on experience from real Shopify stores, it's packed with actionable advice on building a 7-figure Shopify business.

If you're doubtful, you can read dozens of positive testimonials from happy Shopify store owners on our Shopify Experts listing. It'll give you a range of businesses and examples that we've worked with. And if you're still not convinced that we're the best at what we do, I want you to ask any one of them about us.

Would you get excited about similar results? It's okay to say no. We're not for everybody.

We may be a good fit if...

  1. We like each other! (I only accept clients whom I like and like me.)
  2. You're interested in honest advice to further your business.
  3. You sell your own private label products.
  4. You pay your bills promptly.
  5. Your business is or will be on Shopify.

If you do see a fit, message me below, and we'll set up a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your project.

Kurt Elster

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    Don’t take our word for it...

    See what other Shopify store owners are saying about us

    Ezra Firestone

    Thes guys are amazing. Great support and great devs! They also run the best Shopify podcast: The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

    Ezra Firestone BOOM! by Cindy Joseph & Smart Marketer Inc.
    Reid Covington

    We've worked with the Ethercycle team on a couple of projects now and have been completely blown away, not just by their developments skills, which are top-notch, but also the speed and professionalism with which they work.

    We've thrown what we thought to be pretty complex projects their way - including building a custom crowd-funding platform, hosted on our site - and each time they've hit it out of the park.

    As a design company, we tend to be a pretty tough client to work with. We nitpick all the details and won't stop revising till everything is "just right". It leads to nice results but it also can lead to strained relationships with service providers who have to deal with us on development projects. Besides executing all of our designs perfectly, they were so gracious along the way, never complaining or pushing back, even as we sent them all of our iterative tweaks and requests.

    I wouldn't take the time to write a review like this for any old vendor. These guys are special. I want to do whatever I can to help them succeed simply because I feel they've already done the same for us on all of our projects and that's above and beyond what they technically "had to" do.

    Reid Covington FCTRY
    Brett McKay
    Before working with Ethercycle, my biggest concern was time. I needed to transfer my online store to a new platform in less than a month. I knew I wanted to use Shopify, but I also knew I didn't have the time or expertise to make the transfer on my own in that short amount of time.

    Kurt and the folks at Ethercycle took care of everything for me. I just provided some direction and a few files, and they took care of all the rest. They got the job done in just a few weeks and I didn't have to think about it all during that time. Saved me time and bandwidth!

    I loved that that they took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't have to keep checking in on them or telling them they did something wrong. They just got the job done.

    I'd recommend Ethercycle for the business owner who already has too much on their plate. Sure, creating a Shopify store is something you could do yourself, but you'd spend days messing around with things to get them just the way you want them. Save yourself the time, bandwidth, and hassle by having the pros at Ethercycle do that for you.
    Brett McKay Art of Manliness
    Chris Keiser
    Working with Kurt has been a great experience. We recently had our single biggest sales day ever on following an email blast we sent promoting Father's Day (we sold $XX,000+ that day) and June has been off the charts good for us.
    Chris Keiser Bandon Dunes Golf Resort
    Mark Pulda
    Kurt and the Ethercycle team have been amazing! From initial consultation to web development to ongoing recommendations regarding everything from useful apps and online marketing, their level of service and their expertise are exceptional. I can't say enough good things about these guys.
    Mark Pulda Made Man Nutrition

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  • PS: Not ready to get in touch about a project just yet? Sign up for our free email course, and we’ll send you a few tips for making your existing store perform 2x better.

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