Who is Ethercycle, ANYWAY?

And why should I care?

Ethercycle is an ecommerce consultancy for Shopify businesses that need great strategy. People who understand they need more than just a skilled pair of hands, they need brains to match.

Unlike other Shopify Experts, we focus exclusively on independent, stable businesses that sell their own private label products. This gives us a more focused and intimate understanding of the expensive problems you face – and how we can solve them for you.

Kurt Elster
Kurt Elster, MBA
Ecommerce Strategist, Founder
Paul Reda
Paul Reda
Production Manager, Partner
Kurt Bullock
Kurt Bullock
Marketing Consultant
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green
Application Engineer
Julie Elster
Julie Elster
Account Manager
Tom Siodlak
Tom Siodlak
Graphic Designer

We were one of the first Shopify Experts

After knocking out a custom theme for a local client, we were personally invited by Shopify Partners Program Lead and Head of Shopify Experts Dan Eveleigh to join the program.

(Of course, we said yesss.)

...and we loved it so much that in 2014, we decided to niche down exclusively on Shopify, bowing out of all non-Shopify projects. Since then, we’ve been writing about Shopify, talking about Shopify, and teaching about Shopify. We run the single most popular independent Shopify podcast by far, and we didn’t even start it that long ago.

As a result, we've been able to specialize exclusively and successfully in helping Shopify store owners generate massive revenue growth.

The reason for our success is simple:

We put our clients in the strongest position to yield the best results from every visitor to their website. To do that, we've built relationships defined by honesty and trust. Our clients know we're working for them and their customers' best interests.

We do have some core principles that have helped us along the way:

Ultimately, our goal is to build a business that supports the life we want. A life that lets us enjoy time with our families. We're running a small business by choice. We don't want to spend our days managing employees. Instead, we want to treat our time as a scarce resource and invest in helping others build businesses for the lives they want too.

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*Our core principles were shamelessly copied from inspired by our friends at Draft.
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