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"If a project manager had a gun to my head and told me to choose between WordPress and Joomla, I would kindly ask that they pull the trigger." -David Jakobik, Lead Developer

Content Management Systems are essentially overgrown blogging platforms bloated beyond reason by feature creep. The best example of this is WordPress which started as an alternative to Blogger in 2003 but has since grown to become the platform of choice for amateur web developers. It is our view that CMS's have become widely overused. Immoral developers use them to inflate proposal prices, and inexperienced developers use them (and a plethora of plug-ins) as crutches. It is the developer's responsibility to determine what is best for the user.

The majority of the internet is comprised of brochure websites with fewer than ten pages that rarely change. For these sites, the disadvantages of a CMS outweigh the advantages.