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With over 200 million blogs worldwide, it can be tough to be accepted in the blogosphere. As a courtesy to your readers and fellow bloggers, there are five blogging commandments that a good blogger must break:
  1. Obey copyright and creative commons If you're going to republish someone's content, ask their permission first. Some blogs will encourage you to republish their content (like we do) but you must always credit them. It's always okay to link to someone.
  2. Linkbacks When referring to another blogger or their content, you should always link to them. Links are what define the web. It helps the reader, the other blogger, and encourages people to link back to you as well.
  3. Be your own grammar nazi The biggest difference between old media and new media is that bloggers are their own editors. To add credibility to yourself, you must triple check your grammar and spelling. Try reading your blogs out loud before publishing so that you don't have any run on sentences like this one because they're unnatural sounding and annoying to the reader and they'll make people unsubscribe okay? Phew.
  4. Descriptive Titles Heavy internet users are exposed to hundreds of headlines every day. We avoid information overload by selectively reading articles based on their titles, headlines, and introductory sentences. Do your readers a favor and use descriptive titles.
  5. Content is King The majority of blogs are abandoned shortly after being started. Ideally a blog should be updated at least every other day.