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Which is most important in the IT world? Certifications, a degree, or experience? Regardless of your opinion, there are several very good reasons to be wary of certificates.
  1. Since certification tests are often done online, there are unscrupulous individuals who hire themselves out to take the test by proxy. The result is a legitimate and verifiable certification that no longer has any meaning.
  2. Supposedly, certifications are passed using the knowledge only experience can provide. Using an unscrupulous study guide, a test taker can readily memorize the answers, and pass the certification. This person is clearly less proficient than the worker who gained their certification through real world experience.
  3. Certificate programs are solely overseen and governed by the vendors who sell them. The same question will have a different answer depending on the vendor asking the question. They are product, meant for profit, and designed to teach a brand's marketing.
  4. Due to the sheer volume of certifications, their significance has waned. For example, Cisco and Microsoft alone have issued more than 4 million certificates.
While we would never turn an job candidate away based on certifications, we would certainly never require them.