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This is a guest post by Nick Rojas. Freelance Writer, Californian, Traveler, Loving Husband. Fan of Oxford Commas and cursive.

What goes into a good content marketing campaign? It’s right in the name - content and marketing. A great content marketing campaign fuses both elements together to create informative content while simultaneously selling a product or service. It is a little bit of “give” to the customer, sort of a bonus for visiting your site over your competitor's. The right content marketing can make or break a sale, so you want to best content you can have.

Truly awesome content marketing negotiates with the customer right in the content. It says everything you would want them to know if you were discussing the transaction face-to-face. In fact, if your content is good enough, it can make a negotiation for you. This is the marketing end of a content marketing campaign. Putting your negotiation skills to work in your content can power your marketing campaign to new heights!

What is Content Marketing?

To see that comes up when “content marketing” is searched online, one would think this was a mysterious and arcane concept that Merlin came up with, standing over a bubbling cauldron. However, content marketing is really simple - it is creating articles, blogs, or video with information relevant to your product. For example, if your product is camping gear, you might have content on your site about campsite safety, camping recipes, or even first aid tips for campers and outdoorsmen. A yoga studio might feature articles about where to shop for yoga clothes or what poses are best to achieve certain goals. Quality content is important, but there’s more to it - it has to be engaging, and that’s where your negotiation skills come in.

Writing Awesome Content

Outlining and producing good content is a combination of lots of factors. You need to know your topic, but you also need to know about things related to your topic. The more informative your site, the more opportunities you have to work in some negotiating tricks, like giving the customer information they want. However, it’s even more than that! First, you need to make sure that your content is available to readers in every platform, especially since more people are using mobile devices to access information nowadays. Another important thing to do is to make sure your content is engaging, that visitors to your site are going to want to read it, is also extremely important. As handy as good authoritative links and solid facts might be, they have to be presented in a way that is enjoyable for the reader. You want them to want to read your content, and if they’re bored by it, that will turn them off, no matter how good your facts are. If you don’t think you can write content like this, consider employing a writer or writing service to create or edit the content for you.

Communicating to the Customer

In a negotiation, there are certain things you want to communicate without actually saying them - that you have practical knowledge, confidence, and the authority to negotiate. While content marketing might not involve haggling over prices, in effect your content is making your sales pitch and laying out your side of the negotiation. Effective communication, a grasp of what the customers want, and authoritative knowledge all should be conveyed in your marketing. These are tools you would take into a face-to-face negotiation, so using them in your marketing should be second nature!

Many people look things up online with the intent of learning something about them. Short articles of informative content from companies with relevant authority get referred to over and over again because they’re informative and interesting. Building up authority with content can be the best negotiating tool of all when it comes to content marketing, especially if you’re putting your negotiation skills to work all over the rest of the content!