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Guest post by Joel Custer

How do you get the convenience of shopping online and the service of a brick & mortar store?

Here are 5 foolproof ways to show customers that at your site, such a feat is truly possible:

  1. Give your customers concise and accurate product information.
    Ask yourself HOW A SALESPERSON WOULD SELL IT IN A STORE. No more than 3-5 key bullet points.
  2. Pair the product strategically with other items on your site.
    If the a customer purchases MULTIPLE RELATED ITEMS , they have MULTIPLE REASONS to make a return visit, and hopefully, an additional purchase. Include “suggested items” or “customers also purchased” tag lines in the bottom of each page. If done artfully, this technique is a great way of creating a bigger following.
  3. Share online reviews from customers who purchased from your store.
    Let’s face it - we live in a world of ratings. Let them WORK IN YOUR FAVOR. If you have items that sell better than others, RECOGNIZE it and PROMOTE it. On the other hand, if you have product that receives poor reviews consider pulling it off of your site as a loss. Selling poor product will NEVER benefit your store or your future sales.
  4. Keep them wanting more.
    Does your store’s selection give them a reason to return? Consider adding assortment that relates to your best performing items. For example, if your site is peddling the next best comfy, casual, slip on shoe, do you also sell the socks to wear with them? To take it one step further, show how much quantity your store has left in these items. Nothing creates a quicker sale than a sense of urgency.
  5. Consider offering freebie giveaways with purchases.
    Everyone loves free stuff - stickers, mugs, thermoses, pop sockets, etc. You can buy these in bulk, attach your brand’s name or logo, and score some FREE MARKETING. Make sure it’s quality. People don’t use cheap stuff.
  6. Utilize word of mouth marketing.
    It’s important. It’s free. And it’s perhaps the MOST TRUSTED form of marketing out there. However, it’s not the easiest task to perform. Most people will find a reason to complain ten times faster than they will a reason to compliment. Try a REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM USING SOCIAL MEDIA or USING EMAIL TO SEND A COUPON FOR SUGGESTING YOUR SITE. Like-minded folks shopping your site are typically involved with that community. If Sophia loves to knit and shops your custom dyed yarn site, she likely knows someone else who would love that same product. Give Sophia a discount off her next purchase if she refers customers to you.