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For us, the iPad is as important to productivity as it is to entertainment. It's biggest impact on our business has been as a portfolio. When meeting clients, the iPad lets them experience our portfolio of designs as they were intended. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, here are five apps that may change the way you work.
  1. Analytics HD
    Analytics HD gives you quick and easy access to your Google Analytics data through an interface that trumps all others.
  2. Gusto
    Gusto is a full-featured website development environment designed exclusively for the iPad with a focus on workflow and usability.
  3. iSSH
    iSSH is the only SSH client in the App Store that supports tunneled VNC and X client
  4. iMockups
    Mockup your web app ideas with wire frames and an intuitive interface.
  5. Bento
    Manage contacts, track projects, plan events, and more.