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Shopify Concierge Onboarding for Out of The Sandbox Customers

We'll help launch your store without the hassle.

Want help setting up your new Out of The Sandbox theme?

Just as Out of The Sandbox is our favorite theme developer, we're one of their recommend Shopify Experts.

It's no surprise, we've done great things with their best-in-class themes.

Here are a few examples of our work with Out of the Sandbox themes:

If you'd get excited about similar results, maybe we should work together.

After an initial discovery call, we'll get your store launched faster and better than had you done it on your own. Could you do it on your own? Of course, but the simple matter is that you don't have the experience of launching dozens of stores.

We'll assist you by:

  1. Creating your account
  2. Picking a theme for your store
  3. Setting up your checkout process
  4. Creating any necessary home page sliders or featured images (up to 5)
  5. Setting up your navigation
  6. Dialing in SEO
  7. Setting up automatic collections
  8. Customizing your theme settings with your logo and colors. (this is where most people struggle)
  9. Adding up to five products from information you supply.
  10. Recording a screencast video of how to add products to your store.
  11. But most importantly, I will become your strategy resource for 30 days. If you have any questions about Shopify or your store, you get 24/7 email access to me, and phone access when scheduled for 30 days after your store launch.

Included at no additional charge is two rounds of ten revisions.

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