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Words from our past clients!

“These guys are amazing. Great support and great devs! They also run the best Shopify podcast: The Unofficial Shopify Podcast”

  • Ezra Firestone

“Never in all my years of working with a consultant have I ever received so much actionable advice in so little time. It was like a massive canon of experience blasting onto our site design. Working with Kurt is simply the highest bang for your buck. Do it, your website KPI’s will thank you.”

  • Hahn

“As a result of Ethercycle’s efforts, we blew away our goals for BFCM, and we’re now equipped with best practices for site optimization and audience growth. Their efforts doubled our already good conversion rate and helped us grow our mailing list by over 50%. More importantly, we have established a new partner to help continue to expand and improve throughout the year.”

  • Jacques Marine

“Kurt knows the Shopify ecosystem intimately, including the myriad apps and developers that make up the whole ecosystem. So he understands what can serve as a great solution and what products can work well to help solve unique problems.”

  • Andrew Youderian

"Kurt and his team have been an excellent resource since launching our e-commerce channel in late 2016.

From a complete revamp of our site, to daily/weekly maintenance & upgrades, Ethercycle has been a pivotal piece of our planning & implementation. I'm confident they will continue to play a vital role in our success for years to come.

For anyone looking to take their Shopify store to the next level, I would certainly recommend the Ethercycle team.”

  • Director of Marketing, Jay Leno’s Garage

"They’re so knowledgeable and they care, which is always nice. It's not just ‘let’s get this done because they hired us to do a job.’ They actually want the website to convert well and do well and look great and do what it needs to do.”

  • Laura Petrielli

"Our website had been performing well, but we had a few bottlenecks we wanted to improve. Knowing Kurt, and his expertise from guesting on his podcast, I came to him & his team with some of our own customer service concerns hoping to find a solution.

Together, we came up with some great solutions to alleviate our concerns, freeing us up from customer service, letting us focus on running and growing the business.

It’s been great to outsource theme development to a team that really knows what they’re doing, it’s an investment in our freedom. I’d absolutely recommend Kurt & the Ethercycle team.”

  • Beav Brodie
  • Founder, Tactical Baby Gear

"It used to take three people two weeks to launch a product. Now it takes one copywriter two days. We have all these different kinds of custom sections that we can go into and build out a new page really quickly just how we want it. The easier it is to launch it on the website, the easier it is for our team to move in more products and be quicker to market.”


"We were struggling with that, because if all we did was put socks up, the customer isn’t connecting with our social mission. But if we tell you too much about the social mission, then we get in the way of the socks.

I had been listening to Kurt’s Unofficial Shopify Podcast, which has been probably the best single source of information and guidance that we've received for building our business. I could tell that Ethercycle would not only have the technical skillset to help us, but also fit with our company’s culture. It was clear we had mutual values – treating customers well, focusing on your customers, personalizing things, having a story to tell.”

  • CO-FOUNDER, John's Crazy Socks

"We are always extremely happy with the work done by Ethercycle. Kurt communicates quickly and always has amazing ideas to make us more money. When he updates and tweaks our site we see an immediate uptick in average order value or conversion rate. Plus he follows up nicely and supports us as needed!”

  • Jake Starr
  • Owner, Recycled Firefighter

"An agency does a specific set of work and then they're done. We wanted somebody who could see our vision and partner alongside us through the initial engagement as well as to continue to give us recommendations. We interviewed a bunch of different people and they all felt like agencies and not partners, until we met Kurt and Ethercycle.”


"Ethercycle had a detailed plan based around what our goals were for the timeline, and they helped us to space it out and break it up into pieces that were manageable for us so that it wasn't overwhelming.”

“They were great at making suggestions for things that we hadn't even thought of, which is what you're looking for when you hire a professional. Their suggestions to keep customers engaged on the website and where to position certain things were impressive. They had data to back it up, and it proved to be true for us as well.”

  • Proven Winners Direct, MANAGER OF ECOMMERCE

“The pinnacle of business ownership is when your company becomes inevitable. If you are looking to improve your Shopify website, Ethercycle is inevitable.

There isn’t anyone that’s even on the same plane. There may be other really talented people, but they haven’t focused enough on what they do to become inevitable. If you're genuinely trying to improve your website, and it’s a Shopify website, you may or may not be able to hire Ethercycle, but you certainly considered it.”

  • Doug Geiger
  • Can You Handlebar, Founder

“We hired Ethercycle because of their history of success. With their pragmatic approach, we saw an instant POP! in our sales on launching the optimized theme they redesigned for us. They're very easy to work with, I highly recommend Ethercycle.”

  • Joe Bigane
  • Chicago Brick Oven
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