Testimonials for Ethercycle

Last updated: January 9th 2018

Client: Cozy Bump

Before working with Kurt, I was hesitant about his fee at first because I’ve wasted my money on other programs and never made the money back. My website was getting between 2,500–3,000 visits/day but I was only converting at 0.35% which means I was blowing a lot of money on traffic just to get a sale. Within 24 hours of hiring Kurt, my conversions jumped to 1.1%, then 1.26%, and now its been hovering around 1.12%. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math; working with Kurt has more then doubled my income. Aside from the fact that he doubled my money, he also did a few extra things and didn’t charge me. I'm 1000% a believer in Kurt's ability to the point that if he said, 'if you run through that wall your sales will increase,' I would do it.

Client: Tactical Baby Gear

Our website had been performing well, but we had a few bottlenecks we wanted to improve. Knowing Kurt and his expertise from guesting on his podcast, I came to him (and his team) with some of our own customer service concerns hoping to find a solution. As a result, we came up with some great solutions to alleviate the concerns we had, which freed us up from customer service, letting us to focus more on running and growing the business. It's been great to outsource theme development to a team that really knows what they're doing, it's an investment in our freedom. I'd absolutely recommend Kurt & the Ethercycle team. –Beav Brodie, TacticalBabyGear.com

Client: Rada Kitchen Store

We wanted a good partner to make sure our Shopify website was set up to be attractive and provide a positive user experience while helping us grow our sales. That's what we got with Kurt who has been a fabulous partner for our project. He is a true Shopify and ecommerce expert. He tackled our project with incredible efficiency and responded to our questions and feedback quickly. We love our new website and appreciated how quick and easy Kurt made the design process. I think Shopify and Ethercycle are a fabulous combination for any business wanting to sell online.

Client: TNH Outdoors

Our team had no experience building an e-commerce store. We needed an integrated system or approach to complete our orders using our current warehousing solution. Moreover, we needed a professional look to our website. By hiring Kurt and the Ethercycle team, we got everything we asked for and more. In an online world filled with people cross-selling, upselling and vendors only thinking about themselves, Kurt is a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with. I will be referring Kurt to people in my mastermind and so on. –Richard Greenup, TNH Outdoors

Client: Eminent Tattoo Machine

I hired Kurt and the Ethercycle team to punch up my website. My top priority was to have my store look how I wanted it to, not generic and cheesy. In a call together, I worked out my vision for the site with work, and then he went to work. Now my store is easier to navigate through and has a more modern, clean look. I loved the ease of working with Kurt and his team. They got the job done quickly, my site looks great (and doesn't use stock internet photos like another guy I hired wanted to do) and all of my questions were answered right away.

Client: Healthy Model Life

"As a successful Amazon merchant, I already have a lot on my plate, and I was worried that setting up a Shopify store would be another distraction. Then I hired Kurt, and that was the right decision. Kurt has done a fantastic job of just getting it done, without me having to do hardly anything. The best thing was how comfortable it is to work with Kurt. It didn't take up my time at all. I like to get an expert to do things, and Kurt understood my business. I would trust Kurt for any future projects."

Client: Vintage Home Boutique

Ethercycle are truly Shopify experts they know how to maximize your site to make it run efficiently. They also know how to make your site more appealing to your clients. Kurt and Kurt are exactly the type of guys every small or large business needs in their corner.

Client: Off Grid Depot

I contacted Kurt when I decided it was time to get a professional theme setup. When researching experts, I was concerned that my project wasn't going to get done promptly, but after hiring Kurt, I was pleasantly surprised by how fast and efficient Kurt was at communicating with me and doing the work. He delivered. Kurt was easy to work with, responsive and understood my vision. Kurt knows his business and delivers. He went over and beyond to make sure I was happy.

Client: Tango Charlie Apparel

My concern has always been money, being a small business every penny counts. Kurt's price point was more than competitive on all services so I decided to make the jump. I knew that Kurt is a leader in the industry and would help us move the needle. We are in the first stages of handing our ad campaigns over to them, again my concern is delegating and ensuring that others have my companies best interest in mind.
I assumed we'd move the needle, what I didn't expect is how much. We're seeing continual improvement, growth, conversions. It's been 7 days and we've made our initial investment back and still have 24 days to hyper focus on our target market. The tips and tricks you learn from Ethercycle and their Unofficial Shopify Podcast are only the tip of the iceberg, I cannot wait to scale up.
If you want to grow your business, then call Kurt, he can help. Even if you think you've got the market on lock, trust me you don't. He'll help you niche down, and slowly chip away at your competitors winning business one client at a time. The next level process's that he's utilized are simple yet very effective.

Client: Aventuron

We did our research for a Shopify expert to partner with and that led us to Ethercycle. Having just recently completed a theme setup with them I can state that we made the right choice. Kurt and his team are extremely professional, great attention to detail, quick to respond. They've earned our trust and any future work. I wouldn't even consider looking outside of the Ethercycle team for any projects.

Client: Neverlift Racing LLC.

I couldn't be happier with the services from Ethercylce! Kurt is amazing to work with, and takes the time to really understand your business, and the struggles you may have. Their knowledge on growing a business is on another level than anyone else I have dealt with in the past. Straight to the point of what needs to be done. I will continue to use Ethercylce for ALL my marketing, designing, and Ads help. If you are really looking to grow your business, choose these guys, and you won't be disappointed!

Client: hustle

Before hiring Kurt, I was worried about meeting deadlines with setting up my new Shopify store. I hired Kurt to complete the store and theme setup. Working with Kurt on this project has been a pleasure and moved much faster than I anticipated. He was proactive in making suggestions and leading the project forward. I'd recommend Kurt and the Ethercycle team to any niche business looking to build a professional site."

Client: PrairieMod

Before hiring Ethercycle, I knew I wanted to get Facebook Ads set up in a manner that started generating revenue as soon as possible without spinning our wheels. Once Kurt and the Ethercycle team got to work, their efforts began to pay off within the first 45 days. After 60 days, the results were phenomenal. They allowed us to focus on running the business while they got customers in the door through effective Facebook Ad funnels.
Ethercycle is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. There's no fluff with this team. They know what they're doing. Just hire these guys. If you have any doubts, Ethercycle stands behind their work and will do what it takes to help you get the most out of Facebook Advertising. Don't try to do it yourself. Also, be patient— it does take more than a month for things to be set up and optimized.

Client: Beltman

After listening to the Unofficial Shopify Podcast and looking at dozens of exceptional Shopify sites built by Ethercycle, it was obvious that Kurt and his team were true Shopify experts. And when I talked to Kurt on the phone about our project during the initial consultation, I knew his company would be a good fit for us. I had very limited time to work on a website so it was great to just turn the reins over to Ethercycle and let them handle all the theme setup and tweaking. Our site was nearly perfect right off the bat, with only a couple of VERY minor formatting errors, and they were extremely responsive and fixed those immediately after I pointed them out. Couldn't be happier with our website and looking forward to working with Ethercycle in continuing to build our business!

Client: FCTRY

We've worked with the Ethercycle team on a couple of projects now and have been completely blown away, not just by their developments skills, which are top-notch, but also the speed and professionalism with which they work.

We've thrown what we thought to be pretty complex projects their way - including building a custom crowd-funding platform, hosted on our site - and each time they've hit it out of the park.

As a design company, we tend to be a pretty tough client to work with. We nitpick all the details and won't stop revising till everything is "just right". It leads to nice results but it also can lead to strained relationships with service providers who have to deal with us on development projects. Besides executing all of our designs perfectly, they were so gracious along the way, never complaining or pushing back, even as we sent them all of our iterative tweaks and requests.

I wouldn't take the time to write a review like this for any old vendor. These guys are special. I want to do whatever I can to help them succeed simply because I feel they've already done the same for us on all of our projects and that's above and beyond what they technically "had to" do.

Client: Monta Watch

After working with the Ethercycle team for about two and a half years, and seeing incredible results both in return on our investment and quality work - we knew they would knock it out of the park on our latest venture. MONTA and Everest (our companies and brands) are in the luxury products business and have grown over 800% with ethercycle as our only web development firm. They already understood the marketplace we needed to compete in and we knew that a custom theme was truly the only option.
They quickly organized our thoughts on to an electronic story board. After really nailing our expectations on the creative side they quickly developed the site and within less then thirty days we had our site fully up and functioning. After some additional guidance we are confident to enter the super competitive landscape of the luxury watch market with a real expert at our side. If you are on the fence, get off it and go with Ethercycle. They are the only choice we have ever found to have the knowledge, expertise and speed we require to work in the ever changing landscape of online sales.
PS - we have used a ton of web developers in our tenure. Ethercycle is the best by far. period.

Client: Vivian Lou Insolia® Insoles

When I re-branded my product, I knew I needed to have a much more SEO-friendly site that matched my new packaging & branding. To achieve that, I hired Kurt at Ethercycle, who was extremely helpful and asked the right questions in regards to what I wanted, what I was looking for in a site, etc. He provided expert insight as it related to SEO, length of page, font pairings, positioning of elements (video, pictures, etc) and even potential apps. He designed an amazing site that met all of my needs - and was extremely patient and responsive to my edits. As a result, I LOVE the new site! He was able to bring my vision to life! It represents the new brand so well! It was a pleasure working with Kurt, and I would absolutely recommend him and his team!"

Client: Tyrant Designs CNC

Before hiring Ethercycle to take care of my theme setup, my biggest concern was not having the time to explain in detail what I wanted.
Kurt is a great guy. He took my benchmarks and ideas, plus a lot of his own ideas, and came up with a beautiful website that surpassed what I hoped for. I'm ecstatic. I find myself looking at my site just because of how happy I am with it.
I liked most that he was able to start with my idea and run with it beyond what I could have imagined. As a result, our conversion rates immediately improved.
If you've ever wanted a professional looking website that matches your vision, Kurt and the Ethercycle team is the way to go.

Client: The Art of Manliness Store

Before buying working with Ethercycle, my biggest concern was time. I needed to transfer my online store to a new platform in less than a month. I knew I wanted to use Shopify, but I also knew I didn't have the time or expertise to make the transfer on my own in that short amount of time. Kurt and the folks at Ethercycle took care of everything for me. I just provided some direction and a few files, and they took care of all the rest. They got the job done in just a few weeks and I didn't have to think about it all during that time. Saved me time and bandwidth! I loved that that they took care of EVERYTHING. I didn't have to keep checking in on them or telling them they did something wrong. They just got the job done. I'd recommend Ethercycle for the business owner who already has too much on their plate. Sure, creating a Shopify store is something you could do yourself, but you'd spend days messing around with things to get them just the way you want them. Save yourself the time, bandwidth, and hassle by having the pros at Ethercycle do that for you.

Client: Jena Richards Weddings

"I can't thank Kurt enough! I so appreciate everything he's done, my new theme looks fabulous and I know people will want to shop now! The work was completed quickly, he responded to all my emails within the same day and in a couple of weeks he was finished with the project - so impressed with his website rescue... my site is more than I expected. Kurt is truly a "master of his art", I highly recommend him and I will definitely continue with Kurt and Ethercycle as my Shpify Experts.
Elsa P.
Jena Richards Weddings

Client: Made Man Nutrition

Kurt and the Ethercycle team have been amazing! From initial consultation to web development to ongoing recommendations regarding everything from useful apps and online marketing, their level of service and their expertise are exceptional. I can't say enough good things about these guys.

Client: Strapped Watch Company

When I got in to ecommerce, I started with a store on another platform I put together myself but was never happy with the design, features, or performance. Once I decided to move to Shopify, I looked for a local expert and after talking to Kurt, decided to give Ethercycle a try. They were enthusiastic about my products and knowledgeable about ecommerce. Once I sent them my products, Kurt went to work on photographing them in a spectacular fashion, and setting up a store based on my brand. Once setup, we work collaboratively to complete my revisions. The result has exceeded my expectations, and I'm looking forward to future wins with Ethercycle.

Client: Cloud Forge Vaping

The site Kurt built for us looks fantastic. We honestly couldn't be more pleased. Kurt assembled the site that we were hoping for. He saved us a lot of time by building the initial site based on his experience of what is successful, and then revising it with us together. Kurt and his team are diligent, quick, and completely competent. He's a real pro, and we appreciate it.

Client: Everest Wholesale

After a very successful redesign of our website and a clear increase in conversion by using Ethercycle we decided to go a new direction on our B2B sales with them. Our issue was that we were using our retail site to also process our B2B sales which was both confusing for our sales team and our clients. Plus, the retailers that sell our straps did not have an easy and quick solution to purchase items after our business hours or if they were in a rush.
Ethercycle created a simple, clear, and concise secure retailer environment for our sales team to use as a CSR system and to boot our retail clients have 24 hour access to easily purchase a single item or 20 whenever. Additionally, we started using a simple email campaign to our retailer and it has dramatically helped increase the sales performance. To be honest our ROI with this simple platform addition has been around 15 times what we invested in it.
If you are looking for a retailer/wholesale solution do not waste your time trying to add an app, have the staff at Ethercycle apply their Shopify solution. We have been delighted with the results and our clients absolutely love it.


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