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Shopify Expert Services

Ethercycle designs, develops, and maintains Shopify stores.

Store Setup &

Setting up a new Shopify store or moving your business from a different eCommerce platform to Shopify can be overwhelming. We get it. That's where we come in. At Ethercycle, we handle the heavy lifting of setting up your Shopify store, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition.

🛞 WheelWiz

Soaring Sales with Smooth Shopify Migration for 100,000+ SKUs

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🌱 Modern Sprout

Blooming Brand Presence with a Vibrant Shopify Redesign and Migration

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🥩 Mahogany Smoked Meats

Savoring Success with a BigCommerce to Shopify Migration

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Custom Theme

Your brand is unique, and your website should be too. When you work with us, you're in direct contact with our skilled designers. Together, you'll craft a custom theme that not only stands out but is also quick to load and a breeze for your customers to navigate. No compromises on style or functionality.

🌈 oVertone

Elevating Brand Impact with a Bold Shopify Theme Redesign

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🦍 King Kong Apparel

Unleashing Robust Sales with a Custom Shopify Theme Makeover

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Reinventing DTC Success with a Refined Shopify Theme

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Retained Support
& Strategy

Launching your site is just the beginning. We stick around to help your business grow. Think of us as your go-to for managing campaigns, web development tweaks, and any other digital challenges that come your way. We're not just a one-off service; we're your ongoing partners in digital success.


Since 2017, Hoonigan has worked with Ethercycle to handle the complexities of their business

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👶 Tactical Baby Gear

Elevating Business Tactics with Continuous Shopify Support & Strategy

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Steering Ahead with Ongoing Shopify Support

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Conversion Rate

Squeeze every ounce of value from your site's traffic. This process taps into a mix of proven methods and seasoned know-how to enhance your website's usability. The goal? To nudge visitors into doing what you want them to do, like hitting that 'buy' button.

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Consultation + Strategy

Let's cut to the chase: are we the right team for you? We'll hop on a Zoom call, dive into your store's nuts and bolts, and sketch out how we can hit your business targets.

Design Mockups

Here's where our design wizards step in. Together, we'll craft tailor-made website layouts. Starting with mockups, we pick colors, fonts, and images that make your brand pop. Every page is a carefully thought-out experience, making shopping a breeze for your customers and drawing in new ones.


Think of this as teamwork. We aim for you to be over the moon with the end result. Drop your thoughts directly on the designs – love it, hate it, or got a brainwave? Let us know. It's all about what clicks with your customers.


Now, we bring your vision to life. Using a speedy Shopify 2.0 optimized theme, we set up a foundation for your store's growth, packed with customization galore. It'll look sharp and work smoothly, whether on desktop or mobile. Plus, we ensure all your scripts and apps transition seamlessly.

Quality Assurance

Our eagle-eyed focus on quality assurance covers all bases: usability, browser compatibility, broken links, and SEO best practices. We meticulously test to ensure your site is user-friendly, runs smoothly across all browsers, and is free of dead ends. Plus, we fine-tune it for SEO, so you're not just up and running, but also ranking.


Ready to hit the big red button? We're right by your side, making sure your launch is as smooth as a hot knife through butter, without ruffling your customer' feathers.


Consider us your safety net post-launch. You've got a 30-day support plan to throw any questions our way about your shiny new website. Need more? We offer retainers for ongoing support – think store tweaks, design tweaks, and gearing up for big campaigns.


Is setting up a Shopify store going to break the bank?

Not at all. Think of it as an investment, not a cost. We focus on maximizing your ROI. Our approach is all about pumping up your sales and streamlining operations, which pays off in the long run. Our engagements typically average out to $5K/mo but it varies with level of effort.

Can I actually make my Shopify store look unique?

Absolutely. The idea that Shopify stores all look the same is a myth. We specialize in customizing stores to fit your brand like a glove. From layout to the tiniest details, we make your store stand out.

Does Shopify have limitations I should be worried about?

Every platform has its quirks, but Shopify's flexibility is one of its strengths. We're experts at pushing its boundaries, ensuring your store does exactly what you need it to do.

How painful is migrating to Shopify?

As smooth as silk. We've got a streamlined process that minimizes disruption. Think less 'uprooting your entire business' and more 'seamless transition to better sales'.

Will my Shopify store rank well on search engines?

Shopify's SEO game is strong, and we know how to play it. Especially when it comes to migrations. We optimize your store to not just launch, but to soar in rankings.

What about support and training after going live?

We've got your back. Post-launch, we're here to help you navigate your new store and answer any burning questions. Consider us your Shopify lifeline.

How long does the whole process take?

We value your time. We're upfront about timelines and work diligently to keep your project on schedule. No beating around the bush, just timely results.

Can my store grow with Shopify?

Grow? You'll thrive. Shopify's built for businesses of all sizes. As you expand, it scales with you. We've seen businesses flourish on this platform, and yours could be next.

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