“With Plus’ features and Ethercycle’s execution, we were able to increase our Black Friday Cyber Monday sales by 56% over the the previous year using Shopify Scripts and Launchpad.”

G. Filippone Zerofoxtrot

Accelerate your online store’s growth with the best Shopify has to offer.

“What’s Shopify Plus got that regular Shopify doesn’t?”

With Shopify Plus, you'll get:

  1. Access to Plus-exclusive apps like Scripts, Launchpad, and Flow to streamline and accelerate your business operations.
  2. A dedicated point of contact at Shopify called a Merchant Success Manager.
  3. Reduced merchant service fees with the lowest possible credit card rate offered by Shopify Payments.
  4. Peace of mind knowing Plus' 24/7 priority support means someone always has your back.
  5. Up to nine clones for selling in different currencies, locations, or wholesale.
  6. Collaboration with other high-end merchants in the exclusive Plus Facebook community.

Plus Exclusive Apps:

Automate business operations
Create custom automatic discounts
Automate sales and product launches

The impact of plus year-over-year on one merchant’s #BFCM sales

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