'While Supplies Last' Shopify App Support

Last updated: January 11th 2021

This page offers installation and usage instructions, FAQ's, and support information for While Supplies Last.


You can always ask us to install While Supplies Last for you. There is no charge for installation. When you install the app, you'll receive an email from us asking if you need help.
If you'd like to install it yourself, read on.

When you add While Supplies Last to your store, it creates one file:

  1. /snippets/whilesupplieslast.liquid

It will ask if you'd like to attempt automatic installation. If you agree, While Supplies Last will search through a few files and look for a product form. It will then add {% render 'whilesupplieslast' %} directly before the form.

Adding While Supplies Last to your theme

  1. Install While Supplies Last from the app store.
  2. Copy &paste; {% render 'whilesupplieslast' %} wherever you'd like the the widget to appear on the product page. We recommend playing it just above your Add to Cart button. You will likely find this in one of three places:
    • /templates/product.liquid
    • /sections/product.liquid
    • /snippets/product-form.liquid


Access While Supplies Last from within your store's apps menu.

Within the While Supplies Last app, you may edit the widget's appearance, and set products overrides.


Does this app change how orders, charges, or customers work?
No, it does not alter how orders, customers, or charges are handled. It only alters the product page. It's meant to add scarcity and urgency to boost conversions.


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