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Can You Handlebar

+78% increase in Black Friday sales
4x increase in conversion rate
+23% increase in repeat customer rate
In 2012, Doug Geiger stole his wife’s crockpot, bought $400 worth of lanolin while already in debt, and powered through his own self-doubt and anxiety to start his beard care company. Today, Doug’s products can be found in over 150 stores nationwide through a partnership with The Art of Shaving.

“The pinnacle of business ownership is when your company becomes inevitable. If you are looking to improve your Shopify website, Ethercycle is inevitable.

  There isn’t anyone that’s even on the same plane. There may be other really talented people, but they haven’t focused enough on what they do to become inevitable. If you're genuinely trying to improve your website, and it’s a Shopify website, you may or may not be able to hire Ethercycle, but you certainly considered it.”

—Doug Geiger, Founder

Our Work Together

Since first being introduced by mutual friend Jake Starr of Recycled Firefighter in 2016, Ethercycle has helped Can You Handlebar:

  1. Klaviyo Email Setup
  2. Facebook Sales Funnel
  3. Custom Theme Development
  4. Ongoing Support

CYHB's custom Shopify theme redefined what is possible with content management & marketing on Shopify.

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