Chicago Brick Oven

+39% increase in total sales
+33% increase in conversion rate
+38% increase in average order value
Chicago Brick Oven’s authentic, wood-fired outdoor pizza oven design is Neapolitan-inspired and made in the USA. From countertop or stand outdoor pizza ovens to wood-burning brick ovens or hybrids, Chicago Brick Oven has a reputation for incomparable product quality and design innovation.

“We hired Ethercycle because of their history of success. With their pragmatic approach, we saw an instant POP! in our sales on launching the optimized theme they redesigned for us. They're very easy to work with, I highly recommend Ethercycle.”

—Joe Bigane, Chicago Brick Oven

Our Work Together

Ethercycle has helped Chicago Brick Oven with:

  1. Customer Development Survey
  2. UX Audit & Strategy
  3. Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. Theme Customization
  5. Ongoing Support


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