+25% conversion rate boost
+43.76% email subscribers boost
9x return on ad spend
After selling his ownership of DC Shoes and making the most viral video of 2009, Ken Block shifts his business focus to Hoonigan Industries, an apparel brand for auto enthusiasts.

“Hoonigan’s business has been exploding (in the best way possible!) We’re so busy pursuing core business opportunities that we don’t always have time to pursue supporting functions. We needed help to better understand how our audience engages with our new website to optimize it before BFCM. Once optimized, we also needed help driving site traffic intelligently.

As a result of Ethercycle’s efforts, we blew away our goals for BFCM, and we’re now equipped with best practices for site optimization and audience growth. Their efforts doubled our already good conversion rate and helped us grow our mailing list by over 50%. More importantly, we have established a new partner to help continue to expand and improve throughout the year.”

—Jacques Marine, Co-CEO

Our Work Together

Since first meeting in 2018 to now, Ethercycle has helped Hoonigan:

  1. Optimize their custom theme for performance, conversion, and revenue
  2. Automate email marketing
  3. Grow their email list
  4. Advertise on Facebook & Instagram
  5. Design & develop custom content
  6. Run contests & giveaways
  7. Develop customer profiles
  8. and provide ongoing support

Conversion-Optimized Custom Theme


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