21K+ pre-orders
$1.3m+ in revenue
60 days to reach $1m
As one of Shopify's largest brands, KeySmart has enjoyed success with their line of award-winning pocket key organizers. After reaching a partnership with Tile for their newest organizer, KeySmart tapped Ethercycle to help develop a custom crowdfunding-style landing page for their launch.

“I was late getting the landing page for our presale developed. We had a waiting list that was counting down the hours until they could place their pre-orders. I needed a landing page developed fast.

  Having Kurt to help me figure out what’s possible is a superpower. I told him my strategy, his team proposed & implemented a quick, practical, and affordable solution within days, all so we could launch on time.

  I can confidently say that Ethercycle made our million dollar product launch possible. They did an exceptional job, helped us with a tight deadline, and provided support during the hectic days of our marketing push.”

—Andrew Bedell, Marketing Director

Our Work Together

Since first discovering us through The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Ethercycle has helped KeySmart:

  1. Reduce load times
  2. Customize their existing theme
  3. Develop a custom pre-order landing page

What a million dollar landing page looks like


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