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Recycled Firefighter

+39% conversion rate
+43% total sales
+40% added to cart
For Recycled Firefighter, upgrading their Shopify theme to a custom Turbo build was critical in scaling their online store into a 7-figure business machine selling wallets, bags, and everyday carry gear.
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“We are always extremely happy with the work done by Ethercycle. Kurt communicates quickly and always has amazing ideas to make us more money. When he updates and tweaks our site we see an immediate uptick in average order value or conversion rate. Plus he follows up nicely and supports us as needed!”

—Jake Starr, Owner

Our Work Together

Since 2015, we've worked with Recycled Firefighter to:

  1. Develop a new taxonomy to improve findability
  2. Showcase new products with custom layouts
  3. Improve profitability through conversion rate optimization
  4. Provide ongoing support & maintenance

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