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Tactical Baby Gear

+104% increase in online store sales
+32% increase in conversion rate
+62% increase in email sales
According to a feature in The Wall Street Journal, Tactical Baby Gear is disrupting the booming world of baby products — estimated this year to produce more than $11 billion in revenue world-wide — by specializing in military-style baby gear.

“Our website had been performing well, but we had a few bottlenecks we wanted to improve. Knowing Kurt, and his expertise from guesting on his podcast, I came to him & his team with some of our own customer service concerns hoping to find a solution.

  Together, we came up with some great solutions to alleviate our concerns, freeing us up from customer service, letting us focus on running and growing the business.

  It’s been great to outsource theme development to a team that really knows what they’re doing, it’s an investment in our freedom. I’d absolutely recommend Kurt & the Ethercycle team.”

—Beav Brodie, Founder

Our Work Together

Since first meeting via The Unofficial Shopify Podcast in 2016 to now, Ethercycle has helped Tactical Baby Gear:

  1. Improve customer support experience
  2. Optimize conversion rate
  3. Automate email marketing
  4. Customize & maintain their theme
  5. Leverage Shopify Plus to improve repeat customer rate

Conversion-optimized product page using urgency-inducing best practices

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