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Triple 60

Triple 60 manufactures and sells premium carbon shafts and accessories for serious pool players, setting new standards for performance and adaptability in cue sports.

Mark Horton, President of The Rack Group, explains that his company created the Triple 60 brand after acquiring Whyte Carbon, a company that made innovative carbon cues that lower ball deflection and offer more predictability than traditional wood or carbon shafts.

“Because we had a number of innovations about to come out that would work alongside the Whyte Carbon product line, we wanted to introduce a master brand for the store and we landed on the Triple 60 name and logo. We then needed to introduce that new branding on the website and upgrade the website experience.”

  • Mark Horton

The Whyte Carbon site was built on the Shopify platform. Being aware of Ethercycle through listening to the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Mark reached out to us to create a new theme for the Triple 60 store and deliver an improved online shopping experience.

“There's always hesitancy when you're approaching an agency for the first time. I've listened to the podcast and it was clear Kurt knows Shopify and ecommerce. There's a certain amount of confidence you get from that. I also found a past colleague who had worked with Kurt before.”

  • Mark Horton

Overhauling the site to execute the rebranding and offer an elevated shopping experience

We designed and developed a customized Shopify theme to reflect the new branding, give the site the feel of a high-end manufacturer to match the caliber of the products offered, and improve the shopping experience for the customer.

Triple 60 provided their brand guidelines for fonts, colors, and logo use, helping set a refined and modern vibe. Using those guidelines, and with a meticulous attention to detail, we created an elevated design that felt premium and high-tech. On the homepage and product detail pages (PDPs), we created custom theme sections to highlight and call out innovative and important product properties. We silhouetted product photos to remove distracting and inconsistent backgrounds to help create a clean, consistent, and high-end look. We did custom styling and coding to ensure third-party apps integrated seamlessly into the look and feel of the site.

To help ensure a smooth transition with the rebrand, we wanted to make sure the site clearly communicated that Whyte Carbon was now part of the Triple 60 family of products. We added a banner bar at the very top of the site as well as a section on the home page and created an expanded about page, making it clear that people who were looking for Whyte Carbon products were in the right place.

We created the site with ease of shopping and building customer confidence in mind. There are multiple paths for the customer to find the product they need, including main collections listed in the main menu and footer menu as well as top product and collection listings called out on the homepage. The mobile site is sleek, scaled down, and easy to navigate. We added trust badges on the site to call out key highlights such as a free shipping option, the 30-day return policy, and the lifetime warranty guarantee. The PDPs show the most important information needed for ordering (product description, customization options, quantity, and add to cart button) at the top of the page and other important supporting details (extended description, detailed specs, reviews, explanations of key features, and “other customer favorites” product listings) further down the page. The PDPs also feature a custom-coded secondary menu to reduce the need for the customer to scroll through information. In addition to the design and development work, we organized and expanded on the existing site content, creating more robust and compelling product listings, collection descriptions, and about page, as well as a new store FAQ.

Beyond the work on the website itself, Mark says there were a few aspects of the project that stood out as particularly valuable.

“Kurt was always very responsive. You get peace of mind from strong communication. And then ultimately being able to complete the project on time and on budget is very important, which they did. I also appreciated Kurt's willingness to teach and educate. I would ask, "How do you do this?" or "Can you do this?" And Kurt would do it promptly, but he would also then record himself doing it in a video that I can keep and save. He went above and beyond there.”

  • Mark Horton

A site that resonates with the new brand identity, delivers a great customer experience, and will support store growth

The new site launched within the deadline we set and with zero downtime. Mark says the site delivers the aesthetic and improved experience they were looking for.

“Part of the brief was to have the site feel innovative, modern, and cutting edge. That comes through. The flow is better with improved main menus and navigation and things like that. We'll be able to get people in the purchase funnel to where they want to be sooner.”

  • Mark Horton

The new site will support the company's ambitious plans to grow the Triple 60 brand as they drive more traffic to the site and bring in new products. In the 30 days following the launch, the store saw an additional 173% page views and there was an 109% increase in revenue, and the company anticipates continuing to increase site traffic through key marketing pieces.

Beyond the site itself, Mark says that the video explanations Kurt provided an additional benefit by quickly transferring helpful knowledge.

“The fact that Kurt's willing to teach us and ultimately raise our level up a little bit, there's a lot of value in that for me. I could have spent two hours looking at YouTube videos and Googling things, but those little extra value-add pieces from Kurt were very useful. It makes us a little bit more self-sufficient.”

  • Mark Horton

Our Work Together

Ethercycle helped Triple 60:

  1. Introduce a new master brand, improve the customer experience of their website, and set the foundation for future growth with a new custom designed and developed Shopify site.
  2. More easily self-service their site with helpful documentation and training materials.
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