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Etherycle sometimes blogs about ways to make you more money!

Follow these ten tips, and in one day you will improve your customers' satisfaction with your brand, ultimately increasing your conversions.
  1. Links should have meaningful anchor text. "Click here" is meaningless.
  2. Edit your content, most people won't read more than 350 words of text on a single page.
  3. Use bullet points to summarize content.
  4. A humorous 404 page softens an otherwise annoying experience.
  5. Navigation should be ordered "nouns" then "verbs." "Home" is first, "contact" is last.
  6. Make your phone number easy to find.
  7. Unless you're the Chicago Tribune, your website probably doesn't need a "latest news" page.
  8. Your website has redundant, outdated pages that only you visit. Hide them to make relevant information easier to find.
  9. Redirect outdated or missing pages to their new appropriate counterparts.
  10. Headlines tell people what a page is about. Use them on every page.
Everything you do to make your customers life a little easier earns your brand that much more goodwill.