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Semantic HTML is a style of writing web pages that emphasizes a page's content over its presentation or style. Rather than use HTML tags to just create a document, we use them to describe the content of the document. By doing so, we create streamlined code that has meaning by itself.

Semantic HTML is important to us for three reasons. It makes updating and maintaining a website more efficient by strictly segregating styling from structure, it improves SEO by clarifying content to search engines, and it improves accessibility for audio browsers and screen readers by simplifying code.

The World Wide Web Consortium, who maintains the open standards used on the the Web, believes that semantic HTML is so important that they have made the use of presentational markup tags illegal in HTML5. In this website, we've taken it a step further and used pseudo-elements to keep our HTML strictly semantic. Go ahead and use your browser's view source to take a peek under the hood at our Process page.