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The Herman Cain campaign added a new section to their website called Women for Cain. Unfortunately, this carefully diverse group of women is actually just a stock photo entitled "Four happy young women (holding their thumbs up)" by German photographer Robert Kneschke.

You too can license the Women for Cain on Shutterstock for only $19. Being a stock photo, other people already have licensed the Women for Cain:

The problem with stock photos is that they're disingenuous. The photo featured on Cain's website implies that those four women with their insipid smiles are endorsing Cain, when in reality they were German models who had no notion as to what purposes their eager thumbs up would serve.

Instead of falling back on stock photos, Women for Cain could have taken the time to have professional photos taken of their supporters. Or, if budget or time was a constraint, they could have used a strong typographical logo. There's no need in the design to literally show a group of women giving an endorsement, the content and title of the site already do that.