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I used to find Quality Scores on Google AdWords very frustrating. They never seemed to make sense. I got so frustrated that I suspended my Google AdWords campaign. When I did this, my AdWords rep called me up and tried to get me to spend my $10k budget again. I refused unless the rep taught me how to achieve high quality scores. Based on that information, and with some experimenting, I came up with a system that always works.

  1. Make a new ad group. Quality scores are historic, you must do this if you have a low score.

  2. Choose one phrase or exact match keyword.

  3. Use that keyword as the first part of your ad headline.

  4. Create a landing page using your keyword as the title.

  5. Wait three days for your click-through rates to be established before adjusting.

You'll start with a quality score of 7 like this. Over time, if you have a good click-through rate, and a low bounce rate, the quality score will go up.