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Ever wonder why a site seems to be loading super slow?

Not only can you find out a page's size and load time, but you can see how many requests it makes and what they are. This is the first step in troubleshooting slow websites.

Pingdom Tools
You can use Pingdom Tools Full Page Test to perform remote tests. It's easy to use, and will even make recommendations.

Google Chrome Developer Tools

  1. From the toolbar, click View.
  2. In the Developer menu, choose Developer Tools.
  3. The Developer Tools window should open. Choose Network.
  4. Right click anywhere in the list of resources, and choose Clear Browser Cache to remove any cached resources.
  5. Go to (or refresh) the page you want to test. Developer Tools will list all requests made to load the page.
  6. At the bottom of the Developer Tools window, it will show the data transferred and the page's load/render time.

YSlow is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and more. It not only analyzes web pages, but gives recommendations on why they're slow based on Yahoo!'s rules for high performance web sites. Get it from