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In the last two years, I've been quoted by Crain's, Fox News, Huffington Post, PC Mag, and more. It helps establish me as an expert, as well as boost my confidence. The best part is that anyone, including you, can do it.

It's a two step process.

  1. Sign up for Help A Reporter Out
  2. Follow up on relevant leads.

In the email to the reporter, I open with a one or two sentence introduction about who I am and, more importantly, why I'm relevant to the article. I answer their question, often by copy and pasting from my past emails, blog posts, or newsletters, and then close with: "if you have any more questions or need clarifications, I'm available for interview. Just ask."

To be successful at this, you need to put yourself in the reporter's shoes. Queries on HARO can generate literally hundreds of responses so it's great for the reporter to receive responses which don't require much, if any, follow-up. To increase your chance of being published, respond early, be succinct, and relevant.

There's also some SEO bonus here. Some articles will include links back to your website.

I challenge you to sign up for HARO today and in the next 24 hours respond to your first HARO query.

If you want a deeper dive in to PR, Amy Westervelt has a great look at how the media works.