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Kai Davis is a dynamite internet marketing professional. He’s really reinventing how his clients view SEO and creating an amazing suite offerings with which anyone can build an amazing organic stream for their website.

We discuss:

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  1. How he boost a website's findability
  2. Why you should focus on results, not SEO
  3. What best practices to follow
  4. What does on-site SEO involve?
  5. How do you get quality backlinks?
  6. The education problem that SEO faces
  7. What a bad SEO engagement looks like
  8. Link-building strategies for real SEO results
  9. The easiest SEO win you can use for your site
  10. How important are search rankings?
  11. An easy way to improve click-through rates
  12. Are you communicating trust?
  13. Kai's number one SEO tip.

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