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Etherycle sometimes blogs about ways to make you more money!

Shopify's App Store can add powerful new features and services to your Shopify store. But if you're not careful, it can also add bloat. I prefer to add apps only to solve pains as they arise. Our clients often ask me how to solve various pains in their store, so I've included the top five apps I've most often recommended.

  1. Bring in new customers (and keep them coming back) with email. Klaviyoputs your newsletters, abandoned carts, and marketing automation all in one place. The most powerful part of Klaviyo is its included templates to send automated order follow-ups weeks and months after purchase to keep customers returning automatically. If you have to pick only one, let it be Klaviyo. I know email marketing isn't as sexy as social media marketing, but it's ROI is huge.
  2. Bust shoppers objections with reviews from Yotpo. Automatically email your customers at a set time after purchase, asking them to leave a review. Yotpo is the only reviews solution that lets your shoppers write their review directly in their email inbox, making it super-easy for them to leave feedback. The end result is you get reviews from up to 10% of your shoppers.
  3. Make shipping easier with ShipStation. Combine order processing, production of shipping labels, and customer communication in an easy to use, web-based interface that integrates directly with major shipping carriers and Shopify.
  4. Get actionable insights with SumAll, a free analytics app that lets you see all of your shop’s data in one place, in a single-view window. You are emailed daily with reports containing the most important pieces of data that have been recorded, with all of the irrelevant data being left out, so you don’t have to spend ages finding the essential stuff. You can also use SumAll to connect all your e-commerce, email marketing and social data in one place.
  5. Make money off of every abandoning customer and generate revenue you would otherwise lose with Exit Offers. Pictures this: someone is about to click the close tab button, when a pop-up appears offering them a discount if they buy right now. You can boost sales by as much as 20% by targeting price-sensitive customers with Exit Offers. Recent studies show that 60% of potential customers who do not buy cite price as the major reason they didn't buy.

What are your favorite Shopify apps? What problems do you need solved? Tweet us and let us know.