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There are two chief ways to increase revenue for your store:

  1. Get more traffic
  2. Turn more visitors into buyers

Both are equally valid methods, and should be used together if possible. The latter, called conversion rate optimization, is what we’re going to talk about here.

The first step to conversion rate optimization is simple: I walk through a store and try to buy something. I write down every single thing that creates any friction at all for me buying the product. Ever pain point, point of confusion, barrier to entry, objection, and eyebrow-raising or frustrating thing. Solving just those problems can be enough to double a site's conversion rates.

Think about it like this: when someone visits your site, you need to convince them of two things. First that they want your product (and no amount of conversion rate optimization can help that) and then you need to convince them that they should trust you with their most sensitive of information: their credit card details.

One of the most common issues that stops people from buying is unexpected costs. Most shoppers would rather pay more for a product but get “Free” tax and shipping than be faced with an additional added expense at checkout. This leads to another point of confusion: what kind of shipping is the free shipping? Most retailers just write “free shipping.” That could mean it’s being shipped by donkey for all I know. It’s better to specify a carrier like, “Free UPS Ground Shipping.”

Remember: Your site needs to looks professional, polished, and trustworthy because as a store owner, you’re not entitled to anyone’s money. Every part of your store must persuade them to buy. Once your website's sole goal is to inspire confidence, you'll start converting more of your traffic.