2016 Shopify Email Marketing Holiday Calendar

by Kurt Elster

If you wait until it feels like Fall to get ready for email, you're going to be scrambling.

Here's the dates you should be sending at least one email for each:

  • 10/31 Halloween
  • 11/24 Thanksgiving Day
  • 11/25 Black Friday
  • 11/28 Cyber Monday
  • 12/12 Green Monday
  • 12/18 Free Shipping Day
  • 12/24 Panic Saturday

It's worth the investment in a email strategy. It's the only channel that's nearly guaranteed to add 10-20% extra revenue to your business.

Here's a screenshot from a client's Klaviyo account with typical results:


And of course if you need help setting up your Klaviyo account, I'm happy to help.

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