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Ever seen this nifty feature on Amazon?


I love it. It's an unmistakable visual signal that says, "If you want this product, you must take action."

The best part is that it's not at all spammy like some other arbitrary countdown timers I've seen. It refers to a genuine cut-off time and conveys genuine and useful information to the customer.

Knowing that you have an hour left to place a purchase to get the fastest possible shipping is a powerful motivator.

Months ago, I decided to see if it was possible to do in a Shopify store and if it would boost conversions.

After some experimentation, we were able to get a proof of concept working a few or our Shopify Plus client's store.

Here it is in action on Jay Leno's Shopify store:


After it worked successfully and had positive results on customer service and and conversions in several stores, we started to wonder if we could make it easy to use for any Shopify store owner. So we set to work on building it as a Shopify app.

The hard part was building an interface that was easy to use and understand. I'm quite proud of how we pulled it off. Check out this dashboard:


This new app is called ShipTimer and we're super proud of it.

Here's what Jay Myers, co-founder of Bold Apps, had to say in our Facebook group:


The only requirement to use it in your store starting today is knowing your shipping cut-off time. Whether you fulfill you orders yourself or use a 3PL, so long as you know the deadline for orders to go out the door the same day, you can use ShipTimer to give your customers another reason to buy with this simple to use, professional-looking shipping countdown timer.

We're running a free 7-day trial right now.

☞ Get ShipTimer

It'll even install automatically in most themes.

With the holidays right around the corner, you'll want every advantage you can get.

Hope this helps,