[SUNDAY DRIVE] How to create an effective welcome series

by Kurt Elster

A few weeks ago a member of my Shopify Facebook group had asked about email pop-ups. (The answer is to use Privy.)

But what do you offer in your pop-up?

I like to offer several things. We generally put together a welcome series based on existing content, but in this instance, there was no content to work with.

Usually, I'd do something like this:

  1. Welcome email with quick intro
  2. How we discovered the pain our product solves
  3. The surprising root of the pain our problem
  4. Our solution
  5. Reviews & Testimonials
  6. 48-hour flash sale using dynamic coupon code
  7. 24-hour warning that sale is ending

Each would be separated by one day, Making a purchase automatically removes the person from the workflow. In today's drive, I'll talk through this sequence in more depth.

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