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Privy offers a suite of conversion tools that sit on top of your website. The platform offers tons of display formats, design tools, and targeting rules that many use cases:

  • Exit intent email capture: this is Privy's bread and butter, but a small subset of what Privy offers.
  • Cart saving displays: reduce cart abandonment by looking for pre-abandonment signals in the checkout flow, and load displays based on product or cart value.
  • Cross-sell displays: target add to cart displays to people who have one product in the cart, but not the other (i.e if razor, recommend blade)
  • And many other on-site use cases we can unlock related to personalization, loyalty points, post-purchase engagement and more.

ESPs like Klaviyo pour their heart and soul into email flows, segmentation, and deliverability, the same way Privy pour theirs into the onsite experience but ESPs can only handle simple email capture scenarios.

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