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I have not had direct experience with someone who was successful with only Pinterest ads. Pinterest tends to bring a lot of drive-by traffic that you can use to drive awareness. You can use it to fill remarketing ad funnels, but those people are not wallet out, ready to buy. They won’t convert directly into a sale necessarily.

If your Facebook ads are already a successful channel, keep spending your money where you know it works.

Pro tips: combine Pinterest and Facebook efforts

  1. Drive your Pinterest traffic to follow you on Facebook. This will fill the top of your Facebook funnel with remarketing ad potential and already established familiarity. Remarketing ads are much cheaper.
  2. Something to experiment with.…. You’ve got 100% of your ad budget on Facebook. All right, keep spending on Facebook. If you think you haven’t exhausted it, spend more on it till you get it to a place where you’re comfortable. Then divert some of that money into driving cold traffic from Pinterest and see if that works.