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Etherycle sometimes blogs about ways to make you more money!

To start, here are a couple standards to help you benchmark your customers and traffic:

  • Over a 30 day rolling period, if you get 150 people a day to visit your store, you are getting traction in the marketplace and are building an audience
  • 20-30% is a target average for repeat customers

Let’s talk strategies:

  1. Set up the remarketing funnel: When you increase the total number of touch points with a customer, you will convert better and you’ll make more sales. With remarketing, you’re really only paying when traffic comes to the site and clicks through. I’d recommend setting up your Facebook remarketing. You don’t have that top of funnel costing you money yet, but you’ve got that remarketing in place for when you achieve a threshold of traffic that works. And you can set that up natively in Facebook, or you could use an app like Socio.
  2. Build an organic social media following: Try to engage with Instagram influencers, give freebies. That is a gateway to cheap, top-of-funnel traffic. If you start to kill it on Instagram, then when those Instagram people hit your site, you are building a Facebook remarketing funnel.
  3. Facebook like ads: These ads provide a little bit of social proof and brand awareness. Once you have a good organic social media following, Facebook like ads are extremely cheap. A good one can be around $.15/per like. You can then also set up ad campaigns to target people that have liked your page.

Pro tip: Look for all they ways you can drive alternative traffic to your site

Resource: A company like Workmacro will manage a follow/unfollow campaign for you on Instagram and get you several thousand followers quickly. You can now remarket to that audience.