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It’s no secret that new customer acquisition costs are high, so it’s important to focus on customer retention. These are some of my favorite short and sweet ways to keep those customers coming back.

Have a good product and give the customer a good experience

Providing good service and quality can be what separates you from the pack. Think of all the times you have had a great customer service experience, it sticks with you and creates loyalty. Ask the key follow up questions. “Did everything work out with your purchase?” “Let us know if you have any questions.” Take any feedback, iterate and listen to your customers.

Add value and stay top of mind

Emailing here is the key without being salesy. Is there a story behind your product you can share? Any instructions, tips or tricks that apply specifically to the item they bought? Can you tell them about different accessories that compliment their purchase?

For an example of a Shopify merchant that does this well, listen to my podcast interview with Jake Starr from Recycled Firefighter. After every purchase he emails the customer the story behind that specific product, with a sale offer to a related item.

Pro tip: Leverage follow up segmentation opportunities. Dive into your product or service