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Yes! You acquired the customer and made the sale. The hard work is over right? Unless you find odd joy in spending lots of money acquiring new customers, the answer is no. Giving a good customer experience pre and post-sale is what keeps them coming back and remembering you.

Let’s review some top post-purchase email strategies to help you increase your customer lifetime value. The timing of all this would happen in what I like to call, “the lull”. The in-between time that occurs after the initial purchase excitement and the final product arrival. This window gives you a lot of opportunities to provide good service.


Here you would give information around the story of the product or brand, a thing it can do, how to take care of it, how to clean it, how to maintain it, etc… These pair nicely with a thank you, offering resources to answer questions and an expectation of product arrival.

Cause marketing

This one applies only to brands that have a cause at their core. You want that story baked into everything you do. You can thank the customer for their purchase, acknowledge the good it did and explain what the purchase is doing for the cause.


Giving the customer directions upfront is a perfect service opportunity. For example, pretend you are a clothing brand, you will want your customer to try the item on right away. Give them the directions to return the item if it doesn’t fit. Maybe there are special care instructions for maintaining the material.

Cross-sell with a discount offer

What other products or services do you offer that the customer might be interested in? Highlight one with a 10% off or free shipping offer if they order within ten days.

My personal favorite… the combo

Offer the coupon or discount right away, sandwich it with any of the customer service feel-good emails mentioned above and close with a reminder to use the discount before it expires.

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