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Etherycle sometimes blogs about ways to make you more money!

What is a sensitive niche product? Basically anything that comes with a purchase age restriction.

In this case, assume you won’t be able to do any sort of pay per click advertising. Also assume that you are going to need to make double the effort on content strategy to make up for this.

These strategies can apply across the board, but might specifically help certain merchants more if you are at an ad disadvantage.

1. Creating an educational article about your product with some SEO can drive a lot of traffic.

If people Google a problem, find your article with reliable expertise, that automatically ups your credibility. You can then take those people and retarget them with products referenced in the ad (possibly based on your product). You could send your cold traffic to the article, people who visited your website homepage or Instagram profile.

2. Having a strong social media presence.

Certain types of content are more successful depending on the platform.

What type of content do you excel at creating and where could it live best? If you love creating videos, YouTube might be the place for you. If you like writing, maybe you try Facebook or have really great website content.

If you encounter saturation about a certain topic, how can you zig when everyone else zags?

Think about the community of people you are trying to target, find out where they go to educate themselves and applicable content. What’s great is that you can experiment and try different strategies until you find your crew.