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To start, this is a mindset you have to be in. Initially it is a skill that you develop and practice. Instead of setting out with the intention to create new content, document work you are already doing. Always be creating. Everything on the internet now is just recorded on people's phones. You just use your phone throughout the day to create more content. Take photos, videos and document the things you're doing.

From there you can start the scaling process by changing distribution and format . For example, if someone asked a question in the Facebook group, I will take that answer, write that as a tweet, then I'll put that into a social media app I use called Buffer. Buffer will send that same content to two Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter and a Facebook group. I took one question and the answer turned into content posted in five places. Also, a single question will get stored in our podcast topics list discussed there, recorded on audio and video. Then, that gets distributed to the podcast, which is syndicated and gets posted to YouTube. A couple hours of activity turned into dozens of pieces of content. So you have to think about it at scale.

Additional resource: If you want to learn more about this topic checkout the book, Content 10x: More Content, Less Time, Maximum Results.