Shopify Articles

Etherycle sometimes blogs about ways to make you more money!

There are two tools I like to use in these situations.

1. Hotjar for heat mapping and polls.
With polls you can fire up a question to the consumer if they didn’t make a purchase. It is utterly revealing as to people's motivations. Usually you hear from people that buy, not the people who don't buy. This is a great way to understand those common objections that keep coming up. Maybe they're complaining about price, okay, that means you didn't do a good job of explaining the value or maybe you should offer financing or both.

2. Google Optimize for split testing.
It's free, it's awesome and gives you a confidence interval. It’s based on sessions, not timers. Google optimize split testing is the true way to see if certain page changes work, because your inputs can fluctuate so much. Different inputs can be anything from the time of year, a sale you ran, a good Facebook ad or the market.

Pro tip: Beware of falling victim to the recency bias. Usually if something breaks, the last change made to your page gets the blame. A drop in conversion can be due to many things though like a market change or recent holiday.